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For the first time Rome (March, 11/17 2015) is playing host to a speleological event of international significance. A city that has the great fortune to possess a huge underground heritage of beauty that must be, in the same way as  its worldwide famous monuments, known, preserved and exploited. The International Congress is organized by Hypogea, Federation of Speleological Groups for the artificial cavities, which includes the following three associations: ASSO, Egeria Underground Research Centre and Roma Sotterranea.

The main object of the Congress is to exchange the experience acquired nationally and internationally in the speleological and speleo-underwater research field in artificial hypogeums (works of anthropogenic origin and of archaeological-historical interest), the promotion of the underground historical and cultural heritage, its safeguard and exploitation.

Before the congress there will be a Round Table between Speleologists and Organisations in charge for the environmental, historic and cultural heritage in Italy to discuss the standards, valorisation and risks in artificial cavities.

Visits to undergrounds of speleological interest in the region of Lazio will be arranged after the Congress (personal equipment required). The proceedings will be published as addendum to Opera Ipogea – Journal of Speleology in Artificial Cavities (Italian Speleological Society, ISSN1970-9692.


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