International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Cavities


Italy, Rome March 11/17, 2015

 Official website: http://hypogea2015.hypogea.it


Acquedotto Claudio. Foto Antonio De Paolis.

Underground World of Archaeological and Anthropological interest

Artificial Cavities/Underground Cities and Cliff-Dwellings/

Archaeological Hypogea/Caves of Anthropic Use

Underground Hydraulic Structures of Ancient World/Research Practices and Documentation

The main object of congress is to exchange the experience acquired at the international and national level in the field of speleological and speleo-underwater research in artificial hypogea (works of anthropogenic origin and of archaeological-historical interest), the promotion of the underground historical and cultural heritage, its safeguard and exploitation.

The INTERNATIONAL THEMATIC SESSIONS, which are the main topic of the congress, will deal with the speleological studies undertaken in the international field during the course of shared archaeological missions (Archaeology), the definition of  international standards thanks to the adoption of cartographic symbols (Cartography), the adoption of a sharable world web site (UIS) connected to the “Register of Artificial Cavities” and the comparison between typologies of artificial cavities which have been extensively studied (Typology). The sessions will also provide the possibility of an initial analysis of the legislation presently active in different countries (Legislation) and of enlarging at an international level important Italian projects on artificial cavities, such as the Map of Ancient Aqueducts (Documentation).

Before the congress, there will be a Round Table between Speleologists, experts and Organisations responsible for the environment, history and cultural heritage in Italy to discuss the standards, valorisation and risks of artificial cavities. For example damage, pollution and the presence of illegal activities; systematic control of the combined historical, cultural and archaeological factors in view of knowledge and protection; underground itineraries for tourists; analysis of the condition of the art treasures through an initial census of the Italian and European underground structures of touristic interest; analysis of the implications on jobs and eventual permissions of exploitation of the artificial cavities, due to their cultural and historical importance.

During the Congress, GUIDED TOURS to hypogea and archaeological sites of special interest in Rome will be organised. EXCURSIONS will be organised after the Congress. Exposition areas will be open in the Congress hall. Information concerning the underground archaeological sites of Rome open to the public will be available at the front-desk. Visits of undergrounds of speleological interest in the region of Latium and Umbria will be arranged after the Congress (personal equipment is required).

 Scientific Committee

Kyung Sik WOO – Republic of Korea (President UIS)

George VENI – USA (Vice President UIS)

Fadi NADER – Lebanon (Secretary General UIS)

Mario PARISE – Italy (President Artificial Cavities Commission UIS)

Mladen GARAŠIČ – Croatia (Working Group UIS: Caver’s Multi-Lingual Dictionary)

Philipp HÄUSELMANN – Switzerland (Working Group UIS: Survey and Mapping)

Boaz ZISSU – Israel (Member of Artificial Cavities Commission UIS)

Michele BETTI – Italy (President Artificial Cavities Commission of the Italian Speleological Society).

Roberto BIXIO – Italy (Artificial Cavities Commission UIS)

Vittoria CALOI – Italy (CNR, Centro Ricerche Sotterranee Egeria)

Sossio DEL PRETE – Italy (Editor of Opera Ipogea – Journal of Speleology in Artificial Cavities)

Andrea DE PASCALE – Italy (Archeologist, Curator Archeological Museum of Finale – Artificial Cavities Commission SSI)

Carla GALEAZZI Italy (Member Artificial Cavities Commission UISCentro Ricerche Sotterranee Egeria)

Mario MAZZOLI – Italy (General Manager A.S.S.O.)

Adriano MORABITO – Italy (President of Roma Sotterranea)

Roberto NINI – Italy (Archeologist, Utec/Subterranea)

Simone SANTUCCI – Italy (Roma Sotterranea)

Stefano SAJ – Italy (Architect, Centro Studi Sotterranei)

Cristiano RANIERI – Italy (Archeologist, Gruppo Speleo Archeologico Vespertilio)


Organizing Committee


Carla Galeazzi (Presidente, EGERIA Centro Ricerche Sotterranee)

Vittorio Colombo (Roma Sotterranea)

Massimo D’Alessandro (A.S.S.O.)

Sandro Galeazzi (EGERIA Centro Ricerche Sotterranee)

Carlo Germani (EGERIA Centro Ricerche Sotterranee)

Luigi Manna (Gruppo Speleologico Cudinipuli)

Maria Teresa Pilloni (A.S.S.O.)

Elena Silvestro (Roma Sotterranea)

Marco Vitelli (A.S.S.O.)

Elena Volpini (Roma Sotterranea)


The proceedings will be published as addendum to the journal Opera Ipogea – Journal of Speleology in Artificial Cavities, (Italian Speleological Society, ISSN 1970-9692, http://www.operaipogea.it).


To submit contributions:    contributions2015@gmail.com

SPONSOR:  UIS  International Union of Speleology – SSI Società Speleologica Italiana


Associazione Culturale Subterranea

Gruppo Speleo Archeologico Vespertilio

Gruppo Storico Romano


Associazione Scintilena – Notiziario di Speleologia http://www.scintilena.com/

Rome Insider http://www.romeinsider.it/


The Discounted Fee Due By: September 30th, 2014

Registration Closing Date: March 1st, 2015


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